Practical Action is a UK based charity organisation established with the objective of reducing poverty  through wider use of appropriate technologies in developing countries. It supports the efforts of poor women and men to improve their livelihoods by providing appropriate technology options, associated information, knowledge and skills, and the capacity to organise and use all these to get more control over their lives and livelihoods. It works in more than 45 countries through its offices in Bangladesh, Bolivia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

In its  strategy period 2012 -2017, Practical Action is more focused for leveraging large scale change that contributes to poverty reduction, technology justice and sustainable wellbeing for all.   The new strategy focuses on four areas of work in particular where Practical Action has recognised expertise and added value relative to other organisations across multiple countries. These four areas of work are:

  1. Access to energy – Sustainable access to modern energy services for all by 2030.
  2. Agriculture, markets and food security – A transition to sustainable systems of agriculture and natural resource management that provides food security and livelihoods for the rural poor.
  3. Urban waste, water and sanitation – Improved access to drinking water, sanitation and waste services for urban dwellers.
  4. Disaster risk reduction – Reduced risk of disasters for marginalised groups and communities.


In addition, Practical Action will invest in learning and the development of best practice through two cross cutting themes – Climate change and Making markets work for the poor.


  • 9th Learning Event, OXFAM Nepal, March 29, 2019. Theme: Enterprise Development Program and its Learning on vegetables and seed market systems
  • 26th General Assembly Meeting, April 22, 2019
  • 16th Executive Committee Meeting, January 25, 2019