MDFN Offers Assistance to Early Market Recovery Initiatives

Who we are:

Market Development Forum Nepal (MDFN) is a network for market development practitioners to share knowledge and experience in Nepal.  The MDFN aims to provide evidence of impact and learning from projects that take a market systems approach, and transform this into advocacy and policy development.

The earthquake and market systems:

The recent earthquake has caused widespread destruction.  The government and the development community are working towards providing rescue, relief and recovery. However, experience  from  other emergencies worldwide has shown that functioning of normal markets are essential in  this process of recovery.  The MDFN and its members are therefore keen to help recovery programmes to:

  • Conduct rapid assessments as to the impact of the earthquake on markets that the poor are heavily involved in for their livelihoods (e.g. agriculture) and recovery (e.g. construction).
  • Stimulating market development by working with and through existing market players to recover quickly, and deliver goods and services to; and employ and trade with affected people.
  • Play the role of a market facilitator rather than direct deliverer of goods and services.


How MDFN can support your organizations:

The MDFN seeks to support market-led recovery initiatives by providing support and advice to:

  • Help conduct rapid market mapping and analysis
  • Design market based interventions leading to lasting impact at scale
  • Provide access to the latest trends and resources from Nepal and beyond.


For more information contact: 

MDFN Secretariat

Oasis Complex, Patan Dhoka.

Email: [email protected]